About Us

Acofusion’s international portfolio is via versatility include the interior and exterior products in hospitality, retail, commercial and residential applications. Committed to our vision of providing professional and reliable technical support to our clients. With our 30 years in lighting and product design, Acofusion retains its competitive edge via its owned manufacturing the facility, where a strict management system is implemented to ensure consistency with the highest quality. Acofusion’s services include ODM design, OEM manufacture, in-house graphic design and multilingual sales team to assist worldwide clients and projects.

Acofusion is focused on the details- Mechanical design, heat dissipation, optimal the optical and all the relevant LED parameters. With a visual simplicity, our products are the result of optimization and testing. In recent years, we are devoted to developing advanced technology of wireless lighting control. By using up-to-date innovative technology and combine with fixture design, enabling users alike to optimally exploit the unimagined possibilities in lighting.
Acofusion's team is continuously enhance energy-efficiency and optimal quality of light. Through rigorous testing, experienced product development skills and optimization material used, Acofusion can provide a professional lighting solution that excels in optical performance and light quality.

Nowadays, Acofusion brings the ultimate flexibility to the architectural and technical lighting, discreetly incorporates advances engineered motors and wireless technology, The intelligence lighting system enables users to create different lighting scenes, selecting from an extensive range of projecting positions, beams and CCT. Our innovative technology and versatile control experience make the light intangible and possible.